Advanced R5 Guide – How to increase DPS!

Since the last R5 manual was released, it’s been a very long time, and a lot has changed in Summoners War since then.  After a lot of experimenting with my guildmates along with other friends we have come to many conclusions.  These are updating as we continue to examine more, but I am here to discuss with all.I’ll tell you a little about me.  I am KAZUTO111 and I have been playing this game since June 2014, two weeks after it was published.  I’m the leader of ! NkedGuns , a G3 guild that competes for Legend after a month too, a G2-3 player in stadium, and more notably for now, I have been farming R5 for quite a while now, and have created many advancements within my teams along the way.  This guide is the culmination of that testing.To start off, let us touch on the basic setup for an team.  No matter what I am about to say is something fresh and most people profiting from this guide has a team.2 Trainers 1 cleaner 0-2 utility/debuffs 1-3 DPSOf what I am going to state, nothing goes against this group setup, it’s much more to do with you rune the specific and these creatures monsters you use.Let’s start by talking about the critters to use in each team.Colleen is a compulsory healer due to her S1 attack break and S2 heal block, the two most useful debuffs in the game.  You will have to use a Desert Queen or a Magic Archer if you do not use Colleen, but Colleen is good there isn’t a reason.Your healer has a lot of alternatives.  I will list a number of them here and pros and cons of eachand everyChasun: possibly the most common option.  Chasun is a terrific healer, however, the challenge is that’s about all she’s doing.  She’s glancing in S1 but it’s unreliable and Lisa usually has glancing covered (just one Lisa will keep glancing upward constantly).  This means the only thing than healing is attack buff, which is nice but fairly minor Chasun brings other.  A fantastic safe option, but perhaps not an end match healer.Ariel: lots of people think Ariel is the top healer for R5.  This is not true.  Ariel is again, a secure option, with a very strong AoE heal, but is even less ending game compared to Chasun from the sense that Ariel actually has nothing except recovery and some minor defense based DPS (if you assemble him SPD/DEF/DEF).Praha: worse than Chasun/Ariel in terms of multitasking, she is only useful for her 41 percent Res leader ability.  Should youn’t then you need Tesa or her although I generally recommend building teams to work with Res direct.Belladeon: The F2P God remains viable in R5 as one of the best healers.  Bella is a healer which means he’s among those few that will save for if it is necessary, the cure while his cure itself isn’t enormous.  Combined with high base Defense making him viable for line even without god tier runes, Bella is a pretty good monster for R5.  What sets him aside from Chasun, Ariel, and Praha is, obviously, that the S1 Defense fracture that’s pretty much necessary for any team wanting to clear.Konamiya: Still another F2P option, and one of the better wineries as well.  The more cleansing you’ve got, the greater your damage dealers can attack and quicker and the safer your runs will be.  Konamiya is great because he combines heals + cleansing three functions of these being quite important, + attack enthusiast.  1 thing to notice is that Konamiya does feed the boss’s counterattack which could wind up being counterproductive (more on that later).Anavel: The premium edition of Konamiya, Anavel unites the cleansing with a larger heal and more DPS as you may construct her for Attack.  For raids I would rather build her SPD ATK ATK or SPD ATK HP and concentrate on her treats.Mihyang: I believe she is the best healer for Raids from the match, but also the hardest to rune.  She combines cleanse, strong DPS, and also a big heal in 1 monster, making for one among the very multi function units.  She has glancing in S1 also like Chasun she does have debuffs too though I isn’t a stage.Please be aware that even though I believe Mihyang is your very best, that does not mean for Mihyang 23, you ought to replace your Ariel.  Your quality needs to be much higher to use a healer like Mihyang.  If you are trying hard to dwell in R5, use a healer that is safer.  Ordinarily Ariel > Chasun > Praha > Bella > Anavel > Konamiya > Mihyang concerning safety, and Mihyang > Anavel > Konamiya > Chasun > Ariel > Bella > Praha to get DPS (notice that Bella, although weak in terms of DPS, has one of the most important debuffs for DPS in S1 so utilizing bella might speed up your runs a lot longer).Runes vary depending on what type you have.  Colleen ought to be as quickly and double Revenge or Revenge as you can with large Res and Acc.  Your other healer ought to be Violent for certain.  As can Ariel for longer DPS Anavel and Mihyang can be produced out of stats.  All these ought to be constructed with at least 200 +, a great deal of speed as well, and Res.Lisa: The standard cleaner, though her CD is long that she makes up for it by reducing the CD of the other creatures and by adding a lot of DPS by assaulting with other people.  She is also one of the few monsters in the game with S1 glancing that are reliable.  She is certainly the top cleaner, but again not the safest choice if you’re just beginning at R5.Dona: Def break + slow onto a two turn CD is excellent and gives Dona a niche as a cleaner using more debuffs compared to ny other.  Even though the AI is fairly bad and assault bar boost isn’t as powerful as we thought, Dona is a good cleanser and works in lieu of Lisa, while supplying more debuffs and also a CD.You can also utilize Anavel or Konamiya in this slot for beginning double DPS R5 teams so as to have 3 healers.As far as runes go, you need your cleaner on Violent and to be as quickly as possible.  That is best if you can find the stats into with it then.DPS + UTIITY:Hwa: Hwa is the only non farmable creature I believe you want to have to make a great R5 team.  You will discover ways but she’s the ideal Raid monster from the game.  I shall assume anyone reading this has Hwa – or even, you will probably need to utilize healers in order to produce your team function.Runing Hwa is possibly the monster that is most significant and is one of the toughest parts of a Raid group to rune properly.First of all Violent is incorrect.  Employing Violent on Hwa, and almost any DPS, reduces damage you do.  This is because the further turns your critters take, the longer they make stunned which results in damage.  The only critters which ought to be Violent are your cleanser (the more turns they get, the further clogs so the impact stuns have) and a single healer (for security).  If you’re able to get superior stats on your own monsters (that I’m sure that you can) rather than having them on Violent, then do it.  The more you get out of every attack the more harm you will do (and saving Violent runes to get PvP creatures is valued).  Check it out – that I didn’t think that it would work but I switched my Hwa away Violent and my DPS skyrocketed. Hwa is interesting because she is the DPS that wants speed because her principal purpose isn’t to do damage, but to control the boss so that he does not attack too often.  This makes Swift the easiest way.  Aim to get +120 rate or so with as you can get.  The slower your Hwa, the safer the remainder of your team has to be.Second/third DPS: ” There are a good deal of creatures you may use for this particular place.   For the precise monster you will need to experiment yourself and discover what works best for you.  Irrespective of there are some rules for runing that you need to follow.Vampire runes: Vamp runes are fantastic because they allow you to construct more yolo as well as front line with your DPS creature (that is ideal so that you can have more speed on other things, more on this later).  ATK CD ATK is better compared to HP CD ATK.  The monsters I utilize in this slot are on Vampire.Double/Triple Revenge: If you do not desire Vamp and possess good Revenge runes you are able to try this.  Revenge procs are liberated DPS + debuffs, use them on as you can.Runes or placesviable if it’s possible to get stats doing this like with Revenge you will need to use the monster at the back line.Utilty: Utility slot carries the form of many things, usually due to debuffs they provide.  Darion and Dias would be the two most typical as they also lower your group’s needs to tank with their passives, however Light Salamander or even Water/Fire DQ can also be used effectively (the latter two to their chief abilities as well).  This is the slot machine; you can use it as a utility slot, another cleanser, another DPS, or another healer – is determined by what your team should synergize with your own teammates.Utility critters constructed tanky enough to live in front and should be triple Revenge, crit or with other stats heading to rate stats.So that.  If there it is that Violent does not mean more damage.  The fewer critters you have on the better, Violent.  Runes are underrated and all those Vamp runes you’ve stored off which were too great to sell should come out.  🙂