How to Create an Arena Defense – For Beginners

An arena defense is the units that you put in place to shield your tower in stadium gamers.  The arena’s goal would be to defend your tower stay alive , and kill off the enemy units attacking you.  You may only have 4 units defending, so choose wisely.Before you begin developing a defense team, get as many arcane towers as you can for your level.  It’ll help you a great deal.  First let’s discuss different kinds of defenses.Tank/Heals: This team kind utilizes 1-2 healers and tanks that may take hits, treat damage and take hits.  You are currently attempting to manage flood damage and stay alive to have the arcane tower finish them off.Glass Cannon: This technique is quite risky unless your components are powerful and can certainly do a lot of harm.  Are vulnerable themselves, although any unit can be killed by them easily.  I suggest going 2-2 or 3-1 for healers as well as attackers.Full Heal: Your aim here would be to have 4 units that have a whole lot of health and defense and may deal damage utilizing the hp stat.  They all will have before the arcane tower comes to help, heals to keep eachother alive.Your best bet is to construct a defense team with at least 1-2 healers.  Chances are your attacker and you will need to keep alive.Some Fantastic units to utilize as protectionGaruda: Light Garuda can be helpful for buffing and reviving you group for harm and more heals.Fairy: Water Fairy is great for heals, leader ability, as well as sleep(if awakened).Warbear: All Warbears are extremely tank with a cure that also fans an Attack that does a percentage of its maximum hp and defense.  I recommend Water for Wind and tankiness for damage.Howl: it’s a good unit for beginners and Water Howl has two heals that are powerful.Hellhound: Summoners has and has crucial chance buff and a fantastic attack for the team.Don’t forget up components and your runes to power and you will have the defense to your position.  Best of luck!