Small tips to get the max from your Summoners War

Every Little Bit hack Counts in Summoners War

1. Exp overflow

Believe it or not, a lot of us still place fodders which are 200 exp off maxed into Faimon Hell. This really is a significant waste of exp, and it’s even worse if you’re on exp booster. A few pointers:

Exp fields are 100-150/hour and ingesting 1★ is 800 exp each. Use them to finish the past couple hundred of exp required to max your fodders up.
Using rep monsters using only 1 fodder is efficient (also it is 33 percent more than doing it without), but using your own farmer is not (due to the exp sharing mechanics)
If you frequent a particular stage, learn how to minimize exp overflow. Two★ fodder requires 35822 exp to max, and 82182 exp for 3★ fodder. With many exp the stage gives balance it.
Here is a good illustration of Faimon Hell: Measure 2★ fodders till you hit 3/4th pub of degree 19, then apply one 1★ fodder to max it again (With 18 faimon plus a 1★ fodder , you hit 35900/35822 exp, just 78 overflow). Level 3★ fodders before the exp bar virtually strikes cap on par 24, then put them on exp areas, or put them there first before leveling them (Using 42 faimon, you reach 81900/82182 exp, and a couple hours on exp areas will give you the remaining exp)
2. Wishing well

If you will need to sleep/log off, don’t do the wish, have over just 5 wings, or much less than 15 electricity out of max. Quite obvious really, but hey?


Occasionally you have that level 25 6★ Hwa, or degree 18 5★ Veromos. Rather than “wasting” it by putting them in faimon to level up, place them in your Dragon/Giant/Hall line-up rather than Entirely runed 5/6 ★ creatures can deal with some Cairos dungeons, and you also get complimentary exp to boot! My 6★ Sieq does reduce damage Halls B10, etc.. I even put pure fodders in my Dragon team, and it pulls through. Note that if it’s your core components, this technique will take to blend it.

4. Violent users

Violent set is equally infrequent and in such a high demand. Because of this, you have to prioritize that will get them. Some pointers:

Completing this collection is quite difficult because slot 2/4/6 Violent (particularly ones value maxing) are very rare. Therefore, do not complete your Violent with eg: 1/2/4/6 Violent. Fill up slot 1/3/5 with Violent rather (a much easier task), you’re left with just 1 Violent rune out of 2/4/6 to fill from other sets. I cry every time I visit a Darion with slot machine 2/4/6 Violent HP, when components from that box does not have any Violent set.
Consider the marginal advantage of this user. Even a Darion moving from 2x Power to Violent or a Chasun receives tremendous gain from Violent set, while transferring Jojo out of Fatal to Violent or Baretta from Despair into Violent has significantly less marginal advantage, either because their former group is already very great, or it is only a luxury. Figure out which of your components gain the most from Violent’s additional twists, and prioritize accordingly.
5. Devilmon consumers

Just like Violent, devilmon is rare. Again, some pointers:

Know that your monster’s function, and if it is going to benefit a great deal from devilmon. Some units absolutely need devilmon to operate (Chasun, Velajuel), some are amazing with it (Aria, Acacis), plus a few view it only as a bonus (Mikene, Shimitae).) If stated unit has obtained HoH before (Aria, Delphoi( etc), then there’s even less sorrow of cheap devilmon out there in the future (HoH repeats are rare, and you understand L/D will be chosen anyway).
Can a fast check on the monster’s skills. Any harm skill-up is meh for the majority of instances. You’ll want to look for harmful effect rate bonus (especially on key utility like def fracture and cleanse) and -cooldown (especially on several cd reduction, vital skills, or abilities which could suddenly be spammed when maxed, like Sigmarus’ 2nd ability). All of these are hallmarks of devilmon users that are great.

Useful Tidbits6.

Arena MMR designMatch-ups are ranked in that list from lowest to MMR.  How is this helpful?  You may set a plan of “only battle the bottom X of this listing” in rush hour then refreshing.  That’ll give you the MMR obtained from each wing.  Consider doing only the previous competition from the list find out how quickly you’re climbing, replicate and refresh.7.  Internet link and stagesStadium conflicts, ToA, DB10, etc , are totally offline until completion.  Is as soon as the game finishes.  If need be, meanwhile, you can certainly do your moves without link.  This is helpful if you’re doing struggles like ToA F100 or if say, you are resetting your router.8.  Faimon hell detailsThis one is simple.  The hellhound has speed that is 143.  If you have greater speed compared to it (add up totem), then one shotting a thing before it gets an opportunity to buff can enhance your success rate considerably.  Also, all inugamis in faimon has 0 percent accuracy, so bringing a 100 percent Res farmer is equally as fantastic as perma-immunity out of def breaks.  This might help fail-proof your faimon hell operates.9.  Ending notice optionsClick on your ID banner top left -> options -> ending detect on.  Your phone will vibrate when the fight is finished.  This is helpful for two reasons:Farming/autoing something while upgrading.  It will allow you to play with DotA or ironing while autoing HoH/Dragon B10.  Without it, you will often forget that the fight has been around.  That can be crucial to get HoH.   When the battle is finished, it wake up you and hopefully is going to vibrate, therefore preventing you from sleeping through with this HoH display.  10.  Connection error and runesSometimes you’ll get the rewardthere’s a pop-out for connection error.  If so, the runes might not be deleted, but despite the fact that you’ve pressed on the button.  Do a check.   You might be amazed at the number of garbage runes are “hidden” there.You Should Not Do This11.  Building Friendship daily missionThis needs you to send 5 times to pts.  The trouble with this is that most individuals do all 50 gifts at the same time.  Iirc, the cooldown for those presents is 24 hours.  Consequently, day after day, the cooldown will probably be later and later (eg: from 3PM to 3:01PM, 3:05PM, etc).  In the event the cooldown nears 12AM ultimately, you may miss the mission.  To prevent this, divvy up these gifts.  Part of it.  Even if you just have two timings for it, it is going to stop you from missing out on the 7 gems benefit.12.  Waiting for power-up eventIt is uncommon to be able to max out over 20 runes about the power-up occasion as you lack luck, stones or the mana needed to pull off it.  This event is held and you’re going to get runes inside that moment.  Insisting that you runes on power-up stone occasion isn’t reasonable.  Always +15 runes on center units (Dragon B10, AD/GD), and do not hesitate to +15 great runes.  Capping your stats is the investment that can pay off\% auto success rate.  I +12 runes on luxury units, subsequently max out those using stones on, and I ended power rock occasions with a couple runes still not +15.13.  The only case where you can do whatever you want with them is if you are a casher which trashes all 2★ and pop MS for fodders.  For everybody else, feeding 1★ fodders to each other just costs 150 mana apiece, while consuming them to 2★ fodders costs 300 mana.  Permit them cannibalize each other, and then make them 2★ fodders.  This can give you fodders and lower your mana cost.  I have been performing this process for a long time, also that I have not had the need to go to SD or level 1★ fodders for weeks.14.  Spamming 3★ SD, but dismissing HoHSometimes, you require fodders despite the fact that you’ve completed the method above.  I think it is odd that people are currently yanking 2000+ pcs on event SD, but revert to rune hunting.   A little checking will tell you the HoH B3 yields nearly twice as numerous fodders as 3★ SD.  Farming 3★ SD + rune searching on HoH Creek Rune hunting on 3★ SD + farming HoH B3 to get fodders (as well as heaps of exp).  Stockpiling 4★ fodders monthly provides you a great deal of fodders to work with.  Needless to say, if you’re lazy…15.  Not doing rivalsI see screenshots of arena rankings with all 9 rivals available.  It’s not efficient, A Fast math will tell you:The last two competitions (Kellan and Kiyan) offer 3 jewels and 3 decoration pts for 1 wing.  When you believe that stadium refill is 30 stone for 10 wings, the result is behaviour.  If you do the two rivals 10 days, then you’ll invest 10 tails for 30 stone and 30 glory pts.  Utilize the 30 stone to get a stadium refill and voila!  You receive 30 glory pts free of.  For the other 7, the trade-off is 1 wing for 2 gems and 3 glory pts.  In this instance, consider Barion and others spamming refills for glory pts.  They’re paying 30 gems for 60 glory pts (10 matches + two bonus; technically they receive a little more from perpetuity, but still, you’re presuming all 12 matches won ), therefore 1 gem for two pts.  You are going to pay 15 wings if you do the 7 competitions 15 times.  Utilize arena refill to be bought by the gems and you’re left with 5 wings to get 45 pts.  Instead of a 1:2 ratio, today it is a 450 percent efficacy, a 1:9 ratio.  It’s such an efficient approach to amass glory pts.  Stadium rank doesn’t actually matter for your first four or five days in the event you conclude that the wings won’t further your arena rank.  Should you climb too high you’re going to be knocked back down or so the argument is null.  Plus, use method 3.Niche Strategy16.  Def fracture and componentAre you aware that def break does not always create AI beeline for this unit?  When the elements are two grids away (fire , water vs end, wind vs fire), then topic to AI swarming low HP units, the AI won’t touch said def broken unit since it is discouraged from the elemental disadvantage.17.  Desperate GWI have mentioned previously, but I’ll elaborate more on this.  It will so happen that you (or one of your guildmates) missing a great deal of core units in their first/second sword usage.  As opposed to retiring, a better option is to pool your units and win that round.  You are better off (to your guild and guild pts) to ensure one round is won instead of dividing your already thin funds into fourteen days.  Pick any of the 38/36 defenses; there has to be something you’ll be able to win.  Use gimmick units like Luer or even Ramagos; you may discover that having a one-trick pony or YOLO components are good here.18.  Glory farming and recordI’ve got a sense that a large part of you understand of them, but so it is practiced by few.  Get accustomed till you own a list together with 10 winnable opponents, to wash the listing.  This will give you two additional wings to glory farm or climb the ranking.  I make it a habit to refresh, and check list, DB10, refresh… until I locate a manageable listing.  If you are glory farming, even better!